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Mital – Norris Wedding at Glen Island Harbor in Rye Brook, NY

Bicultural weddings are one of my favorites. This was a hindu/american wedding and thus Sarah had to get to wear two amazing wedding outfits that look completely different. Both bride and groom got ready at the Brook Hilton Hotel, in Rye Brook and their first look was in the woods at the back of the Hotel. We were very lucky to still get some fall foliage in the background. The sun was just going down and it was shinning with a very special light as they saw each other for the first time. It was a very special moment, they both looked amazing all dressed up in their hindu clothing. Sarah couldn’t stop pointing out her fiance’s fancy feather. Once at the Glen Island Club, they both changed clothes. Sarah changed into her white wedding dress and looked stunning.

This wedding stood out to me because of the colors. From the women’s saris, to the purple light reception, and the mandap in red and gold tones.
One more unique aspect about this wedding. They had the most enthusiastic flower girls and ring bearers I have ever seen. They were not shy and they rocked the aisle for those few minutes. The ring bearer even wanted to say something at the reception after hearing other people’s speeches.

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